S4u faces remain uninstalled


Does anyone knows why the the plugin for Faces by s4u cannot bu installed?.

After installing, he says it’s ready for use, but there are no buttons, and in the extention warehouse he remains on uninstalled.


Does it need to be activated in Preferences>Extensions? Did you try enabling its toolbar?


No, its still in my extensions, but the status is uninstalled, i got two options, install or remove, i guess that remove will work, but when click install, he says hes installing and after that he says its installed and working properly, but ist status remains uninstalled. I cannot enabel it in the toolbar menu, its not there, i’ve got no menu preferences, where can i find that?.


Your reply to my question is not clear. Does it show in the extensions list in Preferences? If it does, does it have a tick mark in the box? If it doesn’t click the box to put a tick mark there.



In SketchUp, click on the Window menu. Then click on Preferences. On the left side of the Preferences window select Extensions. Look in the list of extensions for this one. Put a tick mark in the box to the left of it.


It seems to work, but only after i chanched mij preferences to not approved extensions, would this be a problem?.


It indicates that the author has not gotten the extension approved by Trimble. It’ll still work, though.


It works, thanks a lot


To expand a bit: Trimble introduced the idea of extension policy at the release of SU 2016. It came as a surprise to most developers. There is still controversy about the details and final form of this “feature”, so many developers are waiting to see how it plays out before submitting their extensions and plugins for signing. In the mean time, choosing the unrestricted policy is the only way to be certain all of your extensions and plugins will install and run.


Well there you have it, it worsk for now, but newer not always means better.


We regularly hold developer conferences and give extension developers first access to new features. See http://www.bizdevcamp.info/schedule/ as an example. They shouldn’t be too surprised if they’re paying attention.