Cannot uninstall the plugin

I downloaded a plugin and was in a rush. I I didn’t place it in plugin files. I installed it while it was on the desktop. So I guess I’m paying the price now. Sketchup cannot uninstall it, I tried to deleting plugin from desktop but this didn’t delete it from extension manager. I downloaded it again and placed it in right place (Local Disk (C:)/Users/“User Name”/Appdata/Roaming/Sketchup/Sketchup 2021/Sketchup/Plugins) and then installed in extension manager. But still uninstall button is grey. What should I do?

What happens if you download it again to the place you originally did?

If that doesn’t work, what happens if you try to reinstall?

Adding with Extension Manager would have been the normal way to install it, unless you were to get it straight from Extension Warehouse.

Try closing SketchUp, going to %AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins and deleting the su_bezier folder and the su_bezier.rb file. Now open SketchUp and use Extension Manager to install the su_bezier_110.rbz file that you downloaded.

Thank you. That solved the problem.

I wrestled with the Bezier Tool plugin just minutes ago, and checked to see if others on the forum had issues. I had downloaded the plugin, su_bezier_110.rbz, then installed it through Extension Manager, and was surprised to find that it is ‘unsigned,’ particularly because it’s a SketchUp team extension and the other SketchUp extensions are signed. Because it bothered me that it was ‘unsigned,’ I decided to delete it and reinstall it directly through the Warehouse but the option to uninstall was greyed out so I deleted it in ‘AppData\Sketchup etc.’ Then, I reinstalled it directly from the Warehouse (meaning I didn’t download an .rbz file) and ‘uninstall’ is still greyed out. And, the plugin is still unsigned.

It’s no big deal, it’s just odd that the plugin is unsigned and cannot be uninstalled within Extension Manager.

The Unsigned thing is neither here nor there as long as you don’t have loading permissions set to not allow unsigned extensions to be loaded. If an extension is unsigned when you download it from the EWH via your browser and install it, it’ll be unsigned if you install it directly within SketchUp. As for the Uninstall option, did you shut down SketchUp completely and restart it?

Yes, several times. And, I just went back to double check because sometimes I do have several skp’s open. ‘Uninstall’ is greyed out. Maybe I have to restart my computer?

I’m not sure what you mean about the ‘unsigned’ issue, as I did uninstall the extension that I had installed via a downloaded .rbz file and then reinstalled Bezier Tool directly from the warehouse. I still find it odd that a SketchUp extension is not signed when all the other ones that came bundled with SketchUP 2021 Pro are listed in Extension Manager as signed.

On the issue of ‘being signed’…
Some time ago SketchUp decided to create a system for authors to ‘sign’ their extension.
This process adds a special file into that extension’s subfolder, which is then recognized as the extensions are loaded as SketchUp starts.
If the Extension Manager’s Extension-Loading Policy is set to be ‘Unrestricted’ then even ‘unsigned’ extensions will load and simply be reported as 'unsigned in the Extension Manager’s dialog [restart SketchUp after changing the Policy mode].
Many older extensions were not signed, or their signing has become outdated as SketchUp versions evolved.
It was something of an unforeseen consequence of them starting this system that whilst authors of ‘paid’ extensions had an incentive to update the signing of the RBZ archives etc, there are many ‘free’ extensions out there, and if they still work with newer SketchUp versions without any re-coding then that free-extension’s author is likely to be unwilling to expend effort to get their creations re-signed without any recompense…

It does not mean that there is anything innately wrong with unsigned extensions, they’ll probably still work - although the older more complex ones might be prone to some issues in the latest SketchUp versions, but authors usually advise in the download notes…

Provided that your extension was obtained from a trusted source it should be safe to use…
Good sources include SketchUp’s Extension-Warehouse, SketchUcation’s PluginStore/ExtensionStore³ [actually a precursor to the EWH, and still running in parallel with it and hosts several authors’ eextensions not available elsewhere], and of course several websites belonging to trusted extension-authors who provide detailed pages and direct downloads etc - just distrust any other ‘shady’ sites - especially ones offering ‘copies’ of extensions etc !

And if you move on to write your own scripts then these will also load and run in the ‘Unrestricted’ mode…

I also installed the Sketchup Bezier Curve Tool and was wondering about the uninstall button being greyed out. I downloaded it directly from Sketchup and have shut down and restarted several times since the original download. Not sure this is an issue or not, just curious.

I very much appreciate the explanation about signed extensions. There are three levels of ‘loading policy’ in the Extension Manager settings and I am set to the one where I am required to ‘Approve Unidentified Extensions’ if I choose to install one, so I guess that’s how I got the ‘Trust?’ button I had to click when I installed via the downloaded .rbz file. The question came to mind: why do I have to answer this question for a SketchUp Team extension? Did I manage click on a link to some fake or outdated extension? What does this mean?

I have a much better understanding now. For the time being, as a beginner, I’m happy to use what they call ‘native tools’ as much as possible until I get the hang of things. I have the SketchUcation extension already installed, all set for when I am ready to have other people make life easier for me.

Thanks again.

For whatever reason the su_ bezier tool is not signed at all and it appears that it never was, even using the defunct older signing protocol ! @colin ??

It simply means it’s 8 years old [and so predates the earliest signing system] and ironically, like other authors of free scripts, Trimble have not bothered getting it signed !!
It’s kosher - it’s not fake or dodgy…
But to use older tools like this regularly, then the ‘Unrestricted’ Loading-Policy is sensible, just bear in mind the caveats I mentioned…

On a side note… Fredo’s extensions are generally only available through SketchUcation’s PluginStore and he has many tools, including bezier ones, and these are all signed too…

At this point there are at least four extension developers who work at SketchUp, though the ones who made the bezier tool may not still be around. The ones still working here are ironically so busy doing work to update SketchUp and Extension Warehouse, that they seem not to find time to update their own old extensions!

Here’s a free gift - as a non-staff member with 2mins to spare, I have properly signed the RBZ [attached].
This has not affected its EWH credentials/version/encryption[currently ‘none’] etc…
Feel free to get someone to add it to the EWH entry…
Feel free to edit the post and remove the RBZ if you really think it’s appropriate !

su_bezier_110.rbz (5.6 KB)

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