Uninstall Extension is greyed out

I was testing out some different rendering extensions and tried FluidRay. I did not like it and am trying to uninstall it from my extensions manager, but it doesn’t allow me the option to uninstall as the button is greyed out. I tried to even settle on disabling it, but that won’t apply either. It’s driving me crazy because every time I open the application it pops up still enabled. I’ve deleted everything for it from my Mac and even uninstalled and reinstalled SketchUp. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Did that extension come with an installer? If it did you probably have to run the installer to uninstall it.

Otherwise you probably have to contact FluidRay support. Sounds like it’s a non-standard extension package.

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Had to contact FluidRay. This was their walk through which works.

Go to the hidden folder:

/Users//Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp/Plugins

and delete the “FluidRay” folder and “FluidRay.rb” file.

hm… if the extension file structure is FluidRay.rb and FluidRay folder then the Extension Manager should have been able to uninstall it. :thinking:

Yeah, not sure what the problem was, but until I was able to go in and remove it every time I closed out of SketchUp it reported it as a crash.

There are two locations from which SketchUp loads extensions, one is the mentioned user library and the other is the main library. (In Finder, go to Go > Library )
Check both and delete the fluid folder and .rb file.