Ruby Console Keeps Opening on SketchUp Start

I’ve had the Ruby Console open all afternoon testing code snippets and now when I close it and then save and close SketchUp it will open automatically when SketchUp starts.

I can’t find / know a way stop the Console opening when SketchUp starts

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Maybe this plugin: Eneroth Console Opener is installed (?)

If not, you can try to Reset Workspace

Already reset workspace and again in desperation.

Don’t have Console Opener installed.

I’ve bulk disabled a few recently installed plugins and console is not starting automatically.

But I re-installed Curic Pie and as soon as I tried to re-install a dialog box popped up saying Curic Pie Menu: Need to restart SketchUp! and this also brought up the Ruby Console which says “Can not load Curic Helpper!” (sic)

When I close the console, save and restart, the console pops up and it spews out a load of dialog…

Either his extension was released with debug mode on, or it has error handling that automatically opens the console. Sounds like it needs some more work.


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