How to open the ruby console?

Hello all,

I cannot get the ruby console to open, (or to at least be visible).


I’ve tried to hit the Alt=space bar together, and then hit “m”", move an arrow key and then move the mouse, but I still don’t see it.

It was working fine on Tuesday, (I didn’t try to use it yesterday) and the only thing different is that I am working from home today.

Thanks in advance for any insights. :slight_smile:



do you have multiple screens ?

Yes, at home I have one external screen connected to my laptop. In the office I have two external screens connected to it. It was working fine in the office.

close sketchup unplug your external screen, launch sketchup. Try to open console. then plug your external screen back.
It likely kept in memory the position of your console on the missing screen

you could also try resetting workspace in preferences > workspace


Thank you!

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