RT Render Causes Bug Splat

i am using vray 2.00.24261
Sketchup Pro 2014 - 14.0.4900
the normal render option works fine but whenever i click on RT render, a bug splat occurs, even in a completely empty file. so i know it doesn’t have to with the size of the file.

I believe that the Vray 2.0 was meant to work on either 2015 or 2016 versions.

Also, your Vray seems outdated as well. The most current version is 2.00.26579

Update both of the softwares and see if same error occurs.

In that case, you should contact Chaosgroup’s support team as SketchUp forum cannot provide you technical support of a extension specific issue.

Good luck!

i updated both sketchup and vray, its working now.
thanks for the help.

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