Continual Bugsplat Vray 5 & SKP 2021 Pro

Hello all,

Started modeling a few days ago on an appartment interior.
No problems when doing so (made in SKP2017 on a laptop) and transferred the model to my PC to start placing textures for rendering.

Now I know from the past that textures from the 3D warehouse can cause chaos, so I usually delete those before adding them to my model.

However, even when I delete ALL my textures now (no need to override them), Sketchup 2021 Pro keeps producing a Bugsplat whenever I start rendering.
Working in Vray causes no trouble, it’s only when I hit that render button (CUDA).

Anybody any idea?

(Windows 8.1 - GTX 1070Ti - 32Gb RAM- i7 CPU @ 4Ghz)


Shared the file for those interested.

Edit: Have tried rendering previous finished projects made in SKP 2017 and 2019 that were rendered in Vray 4.36 without trouble.
Also the same problem with using SKP 2021 and Vray 5. Viewport rendering is no problem and working on materials in both SKP and Vray, but the moment I start a basic render it will produce a bugsplat on the old models as well…

Does CPU rendering work? Have you tried updating your Nvidia driver? If you create a simple file from scratch, can you render that?

In SketchUp 2020 with V-ray Next 4.2, after a few (normal) error messages, I increased the ISO and slowed down Shutter Speed, its rendering ok.


CPU rendering in Vray 5 has the same result as CUDA and RTX.
I’ve updated my driver recently cause of some new games.
The file provided is alread a simple file with minimum textures and models, to see if the problem would reoccur.

Thanks, but I’m trying to use Vray 5 now that everything is upgraded around SKP.
I now sometimes also get to rendering, but even then after 10 seconds being finished and I want to adjust exposure in the frame buffer, it crashes again.

Did you install Vray by right clicking on the installer file and choose install as administrator?

I thought that shouldn’t be an issue, since Vray 5 does start up in both SKP 2017 and 2021 and I can do a viewport render without trouble.
I re-installed SKP 2021 and Vray + latest Hotfix as an Admin, but the issue still occurs. The moment the frame buffer starts showing the render it produces a bug splat in Sketch Up.

I can’t seem to open the report details though, but have send a report to support every time since. (Over 20 by now)

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You may have noticed a warning message in SketchUp 2021, that says that Windows 7 and 8 are not fully supported, and suggesting you update to Windows 10.

I don’t know specifically what will have problems in Windows 8, but it may be worth repeating your tests with SketchUp 2020.

This will directly give you the 2020 installer, if you want to try that. It has its own separate 30 day trial.

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Thanks, I will try that now, but in all honesty don’t think it will change much since I already tried in SKP 2017 as well with Vray 5 and the same bugsplat was produced. Only difference was that I could see the report details in 2017 and not in 2021’s bug splat.

Perhaps you should ask in the V-ray forum as well. V-ray 5 system requirements do list Windows 8.1 as a supported operating system.

I have posted on Chaosgroup’s forum as well and mailed support.
Sadly enough, it’s really quiet on there in this situation.

Update: Installed SKP 2020 as admin, re-installed Vray 5 for SKP 2020 and same problem occurs as previous times, also on older working and rendered models. It seems like the frame buffer is somewhere interfering since the rest functions. Vray functions as should, but SKP keeps crashing.

Are you using other extensions? If you do, you might try disabling all but V-ray.

Except for 3D warehouse nothing else yet, since I didn’t install any extensions with 2021 yet.
I’ve now updated to Windows 10 to see if changes anything and am updating all the drivers available on my PC. I’ve read somewhere that the monitor’s driver (which is new) might also be an issue.

After struggling for 3 full days, I’ve got it WORKING! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I deleted anything Trimble/Google related and anything Chaosgroup related. I upgraded to Windows 10 and that seemingly seemed to do the job ( Windows 8.1 was a comfortzone for me that I had to leave).
Downloaded only SKP 2021 and Vray 5.5.1 and got it all working.

Now rethinking if I want to change my subscription license (since now I’m working from home (trial) and only have my work PC licensed)

I too kept using Windows 7 and 8 long after Windows 10 appeared, but after finally updating my experiences have been quite positive. The computers boot up faster, and I think that even otherwise things have speeded up a bit.

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So far I haven’t noticed a large difference, but the skin. I’ve been using a Classic Shell for a LONG time.
The programs run now, but I’ve run into new problems. Renders not buffering or batchrenders crashing…

Let’s dive into Chaosgroup forums.

Thanks for the help!

Está acontecendo exatamente o mesmo comigo.

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