Rounding over corners

I’m new and trying to round over some corners on a table top. I tried using push/pull but I can’t seem to finish the round over on the corners that were already rounded over. Here’s a picture. Any help appreciated.

use Follow Me instead. Select the edges you want to round over and then click on the profile you’ve drawn on the end where you had pushed.

It’s a bit like running a router over the edges.

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First so sides worked like a charm. When I tried the third side I got this

Should’ve read first two sides worked like a charm.

If you want all three edges rounded over, you should do what Box shows. Round over just one first (you can use Push/Pull for that) and then run Follow Me on the remaining two edges and the rounded corner…

I only want to round over the four top edges of a table top. The first two worked perfectly with follow me. When I try either follow me or push pull on the third or fourth edge I still wind up with this.

Select all four edges at once including the short edge at the top of the profile or just select the top face. Then run Follow Me.

Well Dave you’ve done it again Sir. Worked perfectly by selecting the entire top. Thanks

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Sorry Dave. One last thing. If I’m doing this to a component do I edit the component first then select the top and use follow me? On the contrary, do I explode the component and select the top then use follow me?

I would edit the component to make the changes. There’s almost never any reason I would explode a component to make these sorts of edits.

Got it thanks.

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Worked perfectly.

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I wanted to share a quick shot of the table and benches that would never have been possible without your guidance you are a huge asset to this community, Thanks very much.


Good work, Joe. Thank you for sharing and for the kind words. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Dave

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