Using the follow me tool on a component

I’ve made a box with mitered corners, each of the four sides is a group, and the four sides make up a component. I want to want to put a round over on the inside and outside of the top edge. How do I do this? All the discussions I can find about this topic are about ADDING a profile to a component, not carving a profile FROM the component itself. Thanks to anyone who can help!

First, you can’t modify all four groups at the same time. There are several ways you can draw what you’re after, though. One is to round over the edges before mitering the ends. Another is to take an entirely different approach and use Follow Me to create the entire box and then separate out the sides making components of them. If the bottom is flat, you’ll need to draw in the miter lines at the corners down there before you can separate them. You really only need to make one of each side. Then copy and use Flip Along to make a mirrored copy for the other parts.

This process also works well for mitered moldings such as crowns and picture frames.

A third option would be to use Follow Me to create what you could think of as the volume of space the cutter would pass through and then intersect that shape with the geometry inside the groups you already made.

Finally, there is at least one extension-- Fredo’s Round Corner from the Sketchucation Plugin Store that could do it. That’s fine for simple radiused edges but you’ll need a different approach such as the ones I already mentioned for other edge profiles.

Since the corresponding sides of the box are probably mirrored but identical, it would make more sense to make components of the sides and copy them. This can create less work for you. And you should use caution when creating nests. Don’t do it just because you can. There should be a reason to do that.

Well, the rest of the story is, it’s not just a plain box. It’s more of the crenelations you advised me about previously. Here’s a pic of what I’m trying to create the profile on.

Tower crenelations.skp (60.2 KB)

Well, you should still be making the sides components to make less work for yourself.

So you could extend round over the edges with Follow Me before mitering the ends. Then use cutting planes to create the miters. I’ll make a screen shot. Hang on.

Thanks DaveR. I’ll have to take a look in the morning.

Here we go.

As I said before, this could also be done with the Round Corner extension.