How to create rounded edges

I am trying to create a rounded edge and having some trouble doing so. I created an arc using the arc tool, and when I go to use the push/pull tool, the option to move that area is grayed out. What am I doing wrong here?

Yeah im using the 2017 free version. I made a new component and was able to get the rounded profile on two of the edges, but I want to round over the front edge and Im not able to.Walnut Credenza.dae (19.4 KB)

Don’t export your model when you want to attach it, simply save it and attach the .skp file.
I haven’t looked at your model but I’m guessing you are using pushpull when you should be using follow me.

Have a look at this.

Walnut Credenza.skp (25.7 KB)

Here is the SKP file. Im trying to round over only three edges, the front and both sides. Follow me doesnt seem to be working, or else Im doing it wrong.

Can you explain what you are clicking to achieve this? I have tried replicating it and cant.

I gave the Pro version a try for a year and didnt notice any real difference between that and the free one, and I dont build enough pieces to use it that frequently or to learn it in depth. I appreciate the kind works though!

Follow me needs a path and a profile, you select the path, in this case the three edges, then get the follow me tool, at which point the path will look like it has been deselected, then click on the profile.
Follow 3 sides