Rounded corners with the line tool



I wanted to know if there was a way to create rounded corners with the line tool that show up like the “Rounded Corners” for the rectangle tool. I tried using the “Rounded Corners” in the “Stroke Style”, but the edges are not exaggerated enough. I’m calling out a detail on a floor plan and its not a typical rectangular box.

Any info would he appreciated…



There isn’t but you could draw your shape and add round corners to it with the 2-Point Arc tool. I drew this shape that way.


Hey Dave,

I’ll give it a try…thanks for tip.


I am having a problem getting the file to be one piece as it get ripped a new on by Slic3r has parts missing or holes in a STL file when added to Slic3r file fixer says it is shiny round-button-1.stl (1.4 MB)
It is twice the size so I can make it at 50 % in Slic3r This is version like maybe 12 of same thing I have both 32 bit ( Windows 7-1 ) and 64 bit ( windows 8-1 ) Sketchup Make on this laptop Here are the measurements ( Radius ) for button 29.71800mm outside dia center is 10.4140mm next circle is 23.500mm . . area lowered is 4.5 thick with Push Pull . . Radius on small edges is .9000mm Using the round corners and the large diam is 4.800mm . . thickness is 7.6200mm using push pull and lower the area to 4.500mm Oh yeah added number of segments to 180 to make it look smoother soap seems to make it look worse in Slic3r


Well I finally got one to come outright used paint bucket to color it all over the place and got only 24 errors i slic3r so this one is fixed