Round corner faces missing

I’m trying to use roundcorner to round this edge 1/8", but it keeps on resulting in missing faces. I tried using the Dave method, but it didn’t work. Maybe I did it wrong…


Used roundcorner @ original size:

10x original size:

1000x original size:

Edit: This can’t be good… The green line isn’t continuous.

Skateboard.skp (1.1 MB)

Well, I finally did it… I had to patch a few holes and delete some coplanar faces. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had a look at it too, and it was odd what was happening. I deleted all but the top face and did a joint push pull on it to get cleaner sides and the rounding seemed to work better.

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Considering the triangulation on the edge of the board, I would fully expect Round Corner to have trouble. I would redraw the edge of the board without the triangles and try the rounding again.

The Dave Method does work just fine, then, too.

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Here’s a quicky just to show that with clean geometry, round corner will work on your shape even at the original small size.


I’ll pour out a little of the amber fluid as a toast to you, sir.

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And I’ll raise my cup of black in response.

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I used vector push pull, so it created quads. I finally got round corner to work without creating missing faces. Thanks for all the help!


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