Having issues with roundcorner

well when i get it ready and stuff i keep getting

overlaps - please consider reducing your offseet

but its not extending outside the thing

no matter what i do it just doesn’t seem to change th result

so i ran it and i got this horrific result

how do i fix or how do i get it to coroperat

fred06 it was working for me before but this has ben happening to me

How big is the cube?

As DaveR asks, if your cube is ‘too small’ SketchUp can’t create small edges, and Round Corner will fail.

Make your cube a component, scale up a copy of the component 100x or 1000x, and try again on the large copy.

Changes there will be scaled back down to the original - SU can’t create small edges, but can preserve them if scaled down from a larger version.

Search this forum for a more detailed explanation of ‘the Dave Method’.

Actually I just realize my accident

The offset was big I accidentally forgot the numbers got to be smaller

The cube is 20.24mm x 20.24mm by 20.24mm

I made the offset 19mm way past the halfway mark

So I set the offset to 1mm then it was fine

The offset was too big.

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