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Hey there, first of all sorry for my english, is not my first lenguage.

So im working on a beach raquette project, but im having problems in the making of the handle part becouse the round corner extension is not working the way i want to to make a smooth round corner raquette handle. Dont know what is the issue that is cousing this error.

I will attach an image to understand my situation.


Instead of the image, upload the SketchUp file.


Beachraquette.skp (355.0 KB)


What are you expecting Round Corner to do?


I don’t want this to happen.


What do you want to happen?

If all you want is for the top of the handle to be cut off flat, draw a face across where you want it cut off and intersect that with the handle.


Thanks for the replies.

The handle doesnt closed perfectly. So thats what i want, a perfect round corner closed handle. Thanks again.


Should look like this. All corners rounded.


So it’s not really that Round Corner doesn’t work correctly, it’s just that you need to set up the component correctly. You don’t want the handle to be cut off square at the end, you need it to taper down, maybe more like I’ve got. Make the handle part longer than the finished dimension as it would be in real wood. Round the edges and then cut it off with the taper.


I have to say, vey nice model! so many questions haha.

So although your raquette is very nice, thats not the handle im looking for. But how did you work de round cornes? they look so smooth (how did you export that image?, it looks amazing).

Here is an example of the handle that i want. (can you send me the skp. file?)


As I was working on it, I had to guess at the shape but I did what I said, above. That is, I made the handle larger than the final piece and used Round corner on it. Then I drew a shape to intersect with it to create the transition at the top. Obviously you would need to use a different shape but the idea is the same.

Two things you should consider doing to make it easier. first, only draw one half of it. It’s a symmetrical shape so you can make half of it and then copy and flip the half to make the other side. And use the Dave Method to avoid creating holes in the surfaces due to the tiny geometry stuff.


Thanks for your time. Greetings from Chile.


I noticed you have overlapping faces in your 2nd picture.

Sometimes you need to reduce the offset to prevent overlapping faces. On a Mac, when my offset is too big, I get an error message like this.


Yes. There will be some overlapping faces at the end of the handle, too. Not difficult to take care of if they do happen and often easier to fix than to figure out how avoid them. And sometimes they can’t be avoided at all.


I made the handle into components because the racket is made of multiple parts. I did get overlapping faces, but I intersected the faces, deleted unneeded geometry, and manually redrew the missing parts of the mesh. Making triangles is the easiest way to repair the missing faces. Also, it’ll be easier to repair the faces if you set round corner to three segments, rather than ten segments.

Here’s the model:
Racket.skp (954.8 KB)


Hey nice model.

How did you turn on that dash lines on the volume?.


Thanks! You can find it in View --> Hidden Geometry, but I assigned it as a shortcut in SketchUp --> Preferences --> Shortcuts. There is a search bar to look up commands. I use ’ as my “View/Hidden Geometry” shortcut. Whenever I press ', it’ll toggle hidden geometry. I use hidden geometry a lot, so it helps to have a shortcut.


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