Rotating Objects in Layout


This is a query that I’ve had for ages, so thought I’d post it. It’s not super critical, but I’m just curious to see if I’m missing something.

When rotating objects in Layout, the little handle thing, (very technical terminology :grinning:), is grabbed and then rotated by moving the mouse with the mouse button pressed. Upon letting go of the mouse button, an angle can be typed if desired. All good. However, even though the object is at an angle, the little handle thing resets itself to 0 degrees.

However, if rotating to no specific angle by just lettering go if the mouse, the little handle thing resets back to 0 degrees, even if the object is at some angle.

So, the query is; Is there a way of rotating the object back to 0, if the angle at which it sits is not known? Sometimes, and I can not figure out when or why this happens, the little handle thing reflects the angle of the object and is aligned with it. But most of the time, it is shown as being at angle 0, even if the object is at some arbitrary angle.

Just thought, an example would be using an object from the Scrapbook, such as a chair.

Hope that all makes sense.


@DaveR will probably have more insight on this due to his vast experience with layout, but my impression of this is it is a bug.
It does seem to be kinda random, at first I thought what are you talking about as everything I drew retained the correct angle, but then I tried something from the scrapbook and sure enough it returned to 0. Then after that some objects would and others wouldn’t.
At the very least it is inconsistent behavior and I understand why you are asking about it.

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I see the same behavior with certain entities but not with others. I’d be inclined to side with @Box and suggest it’s a bug but I don’t know for sure. It doesn’t seem to be consistent behavior, though.

Here a SketchUp viewport retains the angled rotate widgety thing.

But this group of images and LO drawing shapes doesn’t.


At first I thought @MichaelSiggers was crazy (not really) as everything I tested retained the angle and degree info after a rotation. Then I found a viewport that didn’t, and then another. And everything I have brought in from scrapbook resets to 0 after a move. I can find no logic so far.


Probably not far from the truth :grinning:

Ah, at least I’m not the only one seeing this happen. Must admit, I did think I was going slightly mad at times, with it working sometimes and not others.