Rotate to an exact angle or resize to an exact size

Is there an easy way to rotate to an exact angle (say 90 degrees) in Layout? I currently make the blue line as long as possible so I have the finest adjustment ability with my mouse and nudge it left and right until I get exactly 90 degrees. It can take a while to get it spot on. I wondered if there is an easier way to get it exact.

A similar problem occurs when I resize an image in Layout. If I want to keep the proportions (ie length relative to height) the same, I nudge it until the x dimension is equal to the y dimension shown in blue text while I’m resizing. I rarely get it exactly right which I find annoying.


Why not just type the angle in after you start the rotation like you would when rotating something in SketchUp?

For resizing an image or viewport or even a shape drawn directly in LayOut, grab a corner handle and hold Shift while adjusting the size.

Thank you so much!!

That will make a huge difference.