Rotate in Layout with reference angle


It blows my mind how many years Layout has gone without the ability to do this - it’s almost always a headache when composing a site plan and aligning things to lot lines or anything else that is not orthogonal.

The rotate tool in Layout works great the first time you use it. But unless it is text or a shape, when you try to rotate for a second time, the grip automatically defaults to the 0° horizontal axis. We need the ability to set a reference angle for the grip so that we can precisely rotate a second time.

The solution should be as simple as holding down the Alt key when selecting the rotate grip (Alt appears to be an unassigned key) to align the grip with a reference point in the layout geometry, then releasing Alt to rotate the geometry.

Please implement this very basic feature as soon as possible.

Thank you


Yes Please!


What we need is a rotate tool as in sketchup.

Also, if we want to really have a rotate tool inside the move tool, I would also do it as in sketchup.

Finally. Move, rotate and scale should not be a deviation of the select tool, but tools themselves, as in sketchup.

All layout users are sketchup users after all, and I guess they are using layout because they love working with sketchup… So why would layout need to work differently?


Agree 140%.

If there was a live Ruby API for LO there would quickly be an extension for this.


I was about to write a forum about this. I’m working on a house plan who have a section at 30deg angle. I try to create a grid on that 30deg ucs… IT’S A NIGHTMARE!!! I need to create a bunch of line as guide but the ■■■■ auto merge give me a big hard time. I then need to lock those guide. Please SketchUP, fix this ASAP. It’s such a basic feature. The world is not all rectangle!!!


Oh Yeah! extension for Layout… God, I can’t wait for that day to arrive!
First on my list would be a GRID TOOL, similar to what Revit does.

I would like to have a feedback from SketchUp team and tell us if it’s in a near future.


Best to just bide your time and see what comes. The SketchUp team won’t disclose what features are coming or when. In the case of making the Ruby API live for LO, I expect the first chance of that happening will be with the release of 2019. Of course I have no idea when they will make that available any more than you do.


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