Rotation Angles in Sketchup


This one is just for my own curiosity really.

Just wondering what the rule is for rotation angles in Sketchup.

I know in AutoCAD X axis is 0, then anti-clockwise 90, 180, 270 etc.

Is there a system in Sketchup? Sometimes when I rotate 90 degrees, it’s -90 that I need to type in. Same with 180 degrees.

Also, while I’m on, what the rule in Layout?


Generally in SketchUp you don’t need to enter a sign for rotation angles. In LayOut, positive is anti-clockwise.

180 or -180 shouldn’t be an issue… Same result

There is a difference between rotating with the Rotate tool and (for group and component only) with the Move tool (applied on their red grips).
The Rotate tool FAIK takes negative as the side "opposite"of the third click in relation to the base line (first towards second click). So normally you don’t need that at all if you click right.

Lost me a little there, @g.h.hubers

Would you be able to elaborate a bit. I’m easily confused :grinning::grinning:

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It’s especially in Layout where I’m rotating an object which I have already rotated before.

I start rotating it and the Measurement box shows the angle. So, when I get near the angle I want, I type the value and it seems to do odd things, like rotate 180, or not at all. I think I’m rotating it 90 degrees and it will go 180 degrees and be upside down.

Just confuses me. I normally have to keep typing angles in until I get the right one, by process of elimination.


The thread is Layout-drawing angled lines…Link to post from@DaveR

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Good memory.