Rotate - cannot type angle into box

Hi, I am trying to rotate a line by 25 degrees. The angle box stays blank so I can’t type anything into it. I’m using sketchup free. the only way I know how to do it is by drawing the line at 25 degrees accurately in autocad and making a triangle, measuring each of the other 2 sides and noting these lengths down. Then in sketchup draw the 2 lines I measured and that will give me the third angle line at 25 degrees. I don’t want to have to go into autocad! I just want to rotate and type the angle in. I’ve tried checking all the boxes in the side bar. I’ve tried restarting Sketchup. What am I doing wrong?

Can you share a screen grab video of what you are seeing? I see this:

Start the rotation as Dave shows, then type the angle desired, but do NOT click on the box titled ‘Angle’. just type ‘in empty space’ with the cursor remaining near the object as Dave has showed…
Press ‘enter’ to confirm the angle…

Hi DaveR & Tig, Thanks for your help. I got it working! User error as usual! I expected it to be like drawing a line, in that you start the line, then drag it in the direction you want it, without clicking the end of it…then type the length (or angle) then finish it with enter. Its like that in autocad as well. But in Sketchup, you click on the pivot point and then click a point along the length of the line, which triggers the rotation angle box and turns the protrator round the the angle you want, so you can type it in.
DaveR thanks for your video. I’ve not screen grabbed a video before but you made it look easy, so I downloaded some software and yes… it is easy! Amazing! Thanks! How do I pin it on here?

For tools like Rotate, Move, and Push/Pull you have to show SketchUp which way you want to go. Actually it’s the same with the drawing tools like Line, Rectangle, and Circle. It’s especially important when you are working in a 3D space.

As for attaching a file, the easiest thing is to just drag it and drop it into your reply.

OK - here’s my vid:

Maybe I got confused because I have already selected which axis I’m going to rotate it on. Once you have a green protractor there is no reason to click the other end of the object really. It’s not necessary. But I’m happy its working. Thanks for your tips

The rotation is relative to the second click. You set the center of rotation with the first click, the second one just gives a starting reference. It can be on the line or it can be somewhere else. After that you drag in the direction you want to rotate and if you want a specific angle, you let go of the mouse and type it.

Sometimes it’s useful to click on the end entity you are rotating and sometimes it’s easier to use some other reference in the model so it can vary as to which is more useful. Practice, practice, practice.