Rotate instruction please

Sketchup makes me fee stupid.
I cannot understand the help at all.
Can anyone clarify how to rotate a line.?
I have a simple line on the green axis (z axis). I want to rotate it 45degrees. If I follow the instructions I can get the line to appear to rotate, but when I do the final click, it reverts to the green axis

It’s a bit hard to know where you are going wrong.
Select the line so it is highlighted.
Click and release the end of the line once to attach the tool.
Click and release once along the line of the line to grab it.
Rotate to 45 and click and release to place it, or start to rotate and type 45 and hit enter.

Written this way tends to confuse people, they think you need to get the cursor into the little box in the corner before you can type anything…
With most text input for anything in sketchup you simply start an action then type your numbers and hit enter. So to draw a line, Click and release (not click and drag) with the pencil at the starting point, move in the direction you want to go and let go of the mouse, type 1.35m and hit enter and the line will be drawn that length.
As in my gif, I start the rotation and simply take my hand off the mouse without clicking (the fact it stops on 30deg is coincidental) and type 45 and hit enter.

Justin from TheSketchUpEssentials just shared this excellent video on the Rotate tool. It’s essential for beginners who are feeling frustrated with it and a handy refresher for experienced folks who don’t use it very often.