Angled line

How do I draw a line at a given angle please? AutoCAD is length, tab, angle. Cant seem to find a way of doing this in Sketchup though.

Use the protractor tool.

Draw the line parallel to any axis of your choice then use the Rotate Tool to specify the required angle.

Alternatively, you can, as pointed by Guido, use the Protractor Tool to create a guide at the required angle and then add an edge on that guide using the Line Tool.

I prefer what @Guido suggested because I like to draw new geometry in place whenever possible. Doing so lets you naturally snap to inferences from pre-existing geometry when available. So, you click the protractor center at one end of the required line, set the protractor guide to the required angle, and draw an edge along that guide. A less important aspect is that it takes a couple of clicks fewer than what @jean_lemire_1 suggested.

For even less clicks it is possible to rotate a copy of your reference Line, using CTRL key



Ah yes, rotate a copy!

Thanks, sorry my posts seemed a bit terse but it took me while to realise that CTRL is a Windows thing and I’m a Mac user.

Thanks everyone, I’ll see what I can cobble together.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (Web). If you were using a desktop version you could use an extension called ProLine that would let you create edges by length and angle.

Angles are pretty straightforward in2D applications but they do get to be a little tricky when you are working in a 3D space.

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Looking at today’s eyes, I’m not too proud of it because the code is confusing, full with formal and logical mistakes and incomplete … I’m not sure if I will maintan it anymore.
However it is more or less doing what promises…
Thanks for the ad, Dave! :slight_smile:

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