Drawing Lines in Sketchup for Ipad

I am curious about the developers thoughts about angled lines in sketchup for ipad. Drawing rectangles and squares is fine but given the intuitive options avialble with Sketchup for Ipad one would think it would be simple to draw a line on an angle at a specific degree. I thought this had been accomplished in model info under “Angle Snapping” but that is not the case. Normal geometry inside buildings is not just squares and rectangles not to mention working with rooftop structure.

I have an idea add an option to lines that allows for another input example 12’ 3" / 45

or make an option to add typical snaps to plan view drawing 0.12.5, 22.5, 45 etc…

Thanks, Brad,
I appreciate the suggestion and can see how that could work.

I know that the following is not what you’re asking for, but I did want to point out in case it’s useful, the Protractor tool, which allows you to create guides at a specified angle that you could then trace with the Line tool. There’s also the Rotated Rectangle tool, which I think kind of works the way you’re suggesting here, except that it requires you to draw a whole rectangle in order to get a line.

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