I'm finding it impossible to draw a single line at any given angle


OK, how can a wildly popular program like Sketchup make it so apparently difficult to draw an angled line?

I’m using Skup2018 Pro on a win10 machine (ver 1803) with an nVidia GTX 960 card.

I’ve been using Rhino, AlphaCAM and Vectric Aspire for years…ACAM for 16 years. All three of these make it simple, an easy given.

I select an orthogonal view (front), I pick the line tool, I click on the screen, I try entering ^45, 2" (yes, with a space)…and I repeatedly get “invalid…”


Sometimes for a quick fix I create a face as a guide, draw my lines and then delete the face.

It might add on a few seconds for some but I find it quicker myself than typing in figures etc.

Also check your measurement scale and format you are entering in the numbers is correct. You can check in the preferences,


Did you see that in an instruction somewhere? SketchUp doesn’t use that notation for drawing lines. LayOut does, but not SketchUp.

Probably the easiest way to draw a line at a specific angle is to set up a guideline with the Protractor tool.


Or draw a 2" line and rotate it 45 deg.
Knowing how other programs work doesn’t mean you’ll know how they all work.


Thank you. I know all about using the rotate tool. Really
though…how ridiculous. What an incredible oversight on Trimble’s
part. Same goes for mirroring something. Having to deal with CAD trick
acrobatics is pretty tedious. They should have it figured out and
incorporated into the program, period.
In AlphaCAM, for example. You draw whatever line, fill in the prompts for
angle and length. BAM. Instantly. Same with Rhino.

Anton Stayduhar
New York


It sounds to me as if you really aren’t cut out for using SketchUp. It’s perfectly capable of handling lines at any angle you want to draw but you need to learn how to use it. I get the impression you would rather stick with Rhino or some 2D CAD program instead.


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