Draw a line at two angles

Hi I don’t know if this is even possible or not, but I’m trying to draw a line to 60 degrees from an existing 7 degree angle if that make senses. I will attach if a image that will hopefully clarify my issue:

It would be easier to attach your .skp model so we can better understand what you want, your screenshot does not quite explain it. Do you mean a line parallel with the bottom line you highlighted? If so then use the line tool and inference that line, when you get the magenta indicator it indicates that the line being drawn is parallel to the edge you hovered over, hold shift to lock to that vector. Or do you mean a new line 60˚ from the current line? easiest way would be to copy rotate the existing line 60˚ or use the protractor to set a guide up that is 60˚ from the edge you want to reference then draw a line on that guide.


Here is the file:

Darko Defender.skp (31.5 KB)

Refer to the control panel - I am designing an Arcade Machine

I opened your file, it’s a bit of a mess and I still don’t know which line you are trying to draw. There are very few coplanar edges in your model so no faces can exist over the framework you currently have. Are you trying to face this box?

To be honest with you, I have no idea what I’m doing. I only started using this program like 3 days ago. Can you send me screenshot of what you are seeing. It seems to look fine on the original file

If the original file is the one you shared there are many surfaces missing from the box shape. They will not form because your geometry is crooked or out of square. You might benefit from a little time learning the basics of SketchUp.

Thanks. I am aware there are no faces it is probably because it crooked, and its because I don’t know how to create that 60 degree line from the 7 degree line. I don’t know if that makes any sense

1 Draw side wall in full lenght (300) from point 225 draw guide 60 deg.

2 Extrude this wall to half dimension

3. Draw lines: from A to B and from this points up to top edges. Now you have points A’ and B’ , when you draw line between, you create inner wall

4. Remove unnecessary edges/wals

  1. Make mirror copy and connect with previous body and remove unecessary edges in middle

  2. Tea and smile

Other way is use solid tools

Make two groups - prism and corner. Now ssubtract corner.

And as wrote @endlessfix: start from begining!