When angling a Line, how do I move 1 end?

I’m stumped…………how to achieve angle?


STILL no help from you about OS, version etc…
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I have edited your title, and I hope it’s what you intended.

If you have a line which you want to rotate by a specific angle there are several ways, e.g…

  • To Rotate by a given angle…
    With just your line selected…
    Activate the Rotate tool.
    Next pick the ‘anchor-point’ for the rotation - probably the end of your line.
    Now click on the line you want to rotate [near the other end], and start rotating it in the direction required.
    Click at some arbitrary point - the exact angle does not matter at this step: now, IMMEDIATELY type in the angle through which you want the end to rotate in degrees - e.g. 45,
    and press [enter]…
    The line should now rotate by that amount.

  • If you want another kind of Rotation - e.g. to a predetermined angle - then consider this…
    Ensure Guides are set to be visible.
    Select the Protractor tool.
    Select the ‘anchor-point’.
    If you want the angle to be relative to your original line, then click a point on the start of that line, then swing the gizmo round to another point/edge and click, or type in the angle desired in degrees, +[enter].
    However, if you want a angle relative to something else, then use the preexisting geometry to set an anchor-point and a snap-point.
    Either way you now have a Guide-line passing through the specified anchor-point.
    Now Select your line.
    Activate the Rotate tool.
    Select the anchor-point, then a point on the Guide-line.
    Your line will now rotate to be on that Guide…

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