Lock aspect in Layout

Hi, can anyone help me please, with how to lock the aspect of an image that I’ve imported into Layout? It’s a flat jpeg image, not imported as a Scene from Sketchup. When I paste it into Layout, it occupies the full page. I want to make it smaller but the aspect (ratio horizontal to vertical) isn’t locked and the image distorts when I drag a corner.

Hold Shift while you drag a corner or edge handle.

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Aahh! You’re a wizard. Thank-you so much. So simple :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Somewhere I do have a pointy hat with moons and stars on it. :smiley:

You’re quire welcome.

Also try holding Alt, especially when dragging the edges of a viewport. Note the difference if you drag a corner, a side or top/bottom handle while holding Alt.

I see… ‘Alt-drag’ is what I don’t want, except when I use it on the corner.
Much appreciated, thank-you @DaveR, look after that pointy hat. :mage:

You might want Alt+drag with resizing viewports. It resizes from the center.

Here is Shift+Alt+drag from a corner, then Alt+drag on the top, followed by Alt+drag on the side.

The pointy hat is put away to keep it safe from moths. :smiley: