How to Lock Viewport position and scale?

Good Day, I know how to lock things in SU. But once I have placement and scale set in Layout… I can’t (R) click the viewport an choose LOCK. To keep in place at the chosen scale from changing? How does one do that?
Thanks Mattee

What version of SketchUp and LayOut? Please complete your profile.

Lock is available for viewports in recent versions of LayOut.
Screenshot - 7_16_2021 , 10_05_59 AM
You can also lock the layer that the viewport is on.

Either way the scale and position shouldn’t change unless you change them.

Cool Thanks Dave, I think it’s time to upgrade Im still on Ver 2017. I’ll have to check on all the radical text and notation upgrades to make sure buying a newer version makes sense! In the meantime, I forgot that I already had it set up! I made a layer called Viewports locked, I put all the viewports on this layer. I just have to click the lock to keep things from drifting around!