Aligning two differently rotated objects in Layout is possible

If one needs this often, one should obviously do it in some other software, because of the many clicks involved:
But if you flip a copy or mirror-copy an object, you will then get a reference to align that object back to horisontal. From there the rest is easy.

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Place an angled dimension between the two objects and record the angle at the highest accuracy level. Grab the handle on the object you want to rotate and turn it. Type in the recorded angle. Use a negative number to go in the opposite direction.

You can do that unless you have a nag for total precision. :-)… but writing in the highest accuracy level of measured rotation is maybe the same as the precision provided by rotating with snapping ?

I am nagged by that question, but don’t see a better option at the moment. And so far no problems.

Hello @Odd_Haakon_Byberg,

We are considering adding the ability to pre-rotate the rotation gizmo by holding down the shift key while rotating. The effect will be that you can set your rotation angle prior to actually rotating your selection. You could, for example, rotate to align the gizmo with your object’s base, then rotate the object to snap to your second object.

Does this sound like a better way to align two differently rotate objects in LayOut?

Thanks for the input,


Thanks for looking at this. The pre-rotate surely will make the gizmo much more useful, as it will represent a fully versatile rotate tool attached to every object. If one counts the number of clicks it may even be more effective than a separate tool.

Given how many people that know how to use the rotate tool in sketchup, and how many that dont know how to use the gizmo, I think a toolset of move and rotate would empower more people into easily and readily using Layout.

I’ve never had any issue rotating with object snap on.
Object snap

The ‘snapping’ angles aren’t that difficult, it’s those in between, or grouped elements with different rotations.

Another huge time/click safer would be if the ‘gizmo’ would remember it’s last location and rotation, instead of redefining again and again.

This could then be used as an ‘insertion point’ when dragging out of Scrapbooks.

Yeah, I often find myself defending the indefensible. Many of the layout tools are just clunky. And would benefit from working the same as Sketchup.


I find that boxes created with the rectangle tool will perform as in your example. If you make that object with the pen tool, or make a compound group, then the gizmo will not remember its rotation state. The bounding box is not rotated either for these.

The coolest analogy for working in 2D digital space for me would be that good old architects drawing table :slight_smile:

The Move and Rotate tools especially ought to be copied over from SketchUp to LayOut.


Working with clean angles is easy. But when you have two pretty arbitrary angles things get a little trickier. I like the idea of enhancing the gizmo. Also it would be nice if text rotated to some wired angle would always snap back to horizontal or vertical.

So maybe if a group or complex object has had its gizmo pre-rotated then that should also be stored to the object.

Then later, if that object is selected, its bounding box aligns to that set rotation. This will simplify further rotation, its like an axis has been set to the object, and it will behave just like how a rotated rectangle behaves now.

Also, for a group that is rotated like this, double-clicking into the group, a new rectangle could be drawn along that new axis system of that group. Red and green inference inside the group could then work just like a sketchup inference.

Yes please!!!
And when setting the gizmo pre-rotation, all inferencing options, especially the pink (parallel + ortho) mode, should be made available.
And the gizmo of groups should retain the last (manually) set gizmo direction.

Thanks for listening to feedback :slight_smile:

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The gizmo’s rotation is based on your selection, with some entities able to provide their rotation angle and some not able to do that. Groups and paths do not retain rotation information for example, but rectangles and dimensions do. That is why you can select a run of dimensions and have the rotation gizmo initially set to the common rotation angle. As soon as you have two entities in your selection that have conflicting rotation angles, we default to a zero rotation for the gizmo, since there is no way for us to know which angle would be the correct one.


That would be the plan; you would be able to inference everything including the entities in your current selection.


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I dont know why one would want to rotate a dimensjon away from what that dimension refers to, but for a ( single ) group it would be nice if the rotation was stored. Also it would be cool if the rotation that was stored to the group would have that same rotation of its internal red - green axis when inside the group.

Mate this is a brilliantly simple solution!!!

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