Rotate tool has disappeared

Yesterday I was using the rotate tool. I thought I’d loaded it to the menu bar on the left. Now it doesn’t appear either there or in the library of tools. See screen shots.

It’s not accessible by clicking on the Move tool. None of the tools in the menu bar on the left produce pop-up menus. It used to work that way, but for some reason doesn’t any more.

What happened to the rotate tool? Is there any way to restore the pop-up menus?

Did you click on those 2 arrows?

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Hit the Q key, it brings up rotate.

I did click on the two arrows, but the rotate tool doesn’t appear. As Guido advised me, the Q key brings it up, but the bigger question is being able to find different tools in the tools library. I also still have the question of what happened to the pop-up menus of tools that used to appear. Did I inadvertently disable them, does my current version not support them, or do they just not work that way any more?

They don’t work that way anymore.

Try making your browser window full screen and then open the tool panel. Surely the Rotate tool is there somewhere. It does exist in the current version. Over on the right end of the panel in mine.

Here is my browser window at full screen, and the tool window maxed out. When I scroll up and down, there is only one more tool on the tool menu on the left, and it isn’t the rotate tool.

It’s right under the Paint Bucket tool in the toolbar on the left.

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Yep, it’s right there. D’oh - thanks!

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