Rights for free version

The Trimble SketchUp Make License includes this line:
‘Non-commercial use means: you may not sell, rent, lease or lend the output of the Software or the Services.’
Cannot lend the output? Sounds like you can’t publish your work, even on a blog.

Sounds like lawyer boilerplate :grimacing: I have no clue where they mean the boundaries of “lend” to be!

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This list of prohibited actions does not include “display for exhibition” or “give away without compensation.” Although I am a layman, and this is just my opinion, it seems to me that publishing your work would fall into one of those categories.


depends, if you are making money with your blog e.g. by using Amazon partner links or showing Google ads or commcerical banners etc. I would assume this as a commercial usage of the results made with SU… at least to my lay opinion.

Sounds like the situation of doing some side work for your buddy with a startup and no budget for anything - including paying you.