Right-Click Translate to... (in Chrome)

Continuing the discussion from привет всем! не могу увидеть эскиз( новый виндовс и установила скетчап не могу увидеть что в файле не открывая его. помогите пожалуйста!:

This inline “translate to” feature had been broken in Chrome for a few months.

Has it been fixed recently ?

I run Comodo Dragon (a more secure Chromium build that is a little behind Google Chrome,) and the feature is still broken.

Google Translate Extension for Chrome

Still does not work the way it used to. Ie, translating the whole page.

It WILL pass hilited text to a new tab with Google Translator and save me from the copy, open new tab, navigate to GT and paste in the text. (So it is a shortcut in that respect.)

The equivalent add-on in Firefox has also been flaky for a week or so.
If too much text is selected it chokes.
I suspect Google Translate issues ?
However, today I get your Russian text to work OK…
“Hello everybody! I can not see the sketch (the new and established sketchap windose can not see that the file without opening it. please help”

I’m using r-click in Chrome to translate. Works fine.

What does picking a language preference in one’s forum preferences do - any sort of built in translating?