There’s lots of posts on this forum that are in French or other languages. I find it a nightmare to paste them into Google translate. Is there a discourse plugin or anything of the likes so that all posts sow up in English? (or your native language)

Google Translate Extensions


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Use the traditional English method, just type louder, they all speak English when they want to.


BTW. The Chrome and Edge also natively “offer” ​translation of the page.

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@dezmo, G Trans works for my laptop, but my phone?

The Discourse one, doesn’t an admin need to install that?

Does not work on phone. :phone:
You should have a smartphone. :iphone:

I’m using one with Android, and the Chrome browser does offer instant translation.

I did not tried Discourse Translator though.

I do have an Android. Don’t have/use Chrome though :frowning: I use Samsung Internet (not Samsung phone :P) as it blocks ads.
I guess I can’t then. :frowning:

Well, if you can’t translate and understand right away, YOU can’t answer properly.
Then, maybe whoever understands will answer … there are some other members yet, I guess. :innocent:

It’s not a big deal eider, I think, if the questioner doesn’t get a response in “2.3” seconds. :peace_symbol:

BTW: Sometimes even an English-English translator would be needed. ::wink:


Everyday there’s something new to learn :grin:

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Actually, that’s often. Not because the language skills are bad but because their descriptive skills are poor. Or you could say, they don’t take the short and easy way by uploading the actual file with the problem rather than trying to describe it.


My native language is Finnish. When I was about 8 years old I had just started English at school and wanted almost immediately to start reading books in English. My vocabulary was, of course, almost nonexistent so I asked my parents for a dictionary, meaning English-Finnish. My mother was wise (she taught English to adult students) and gave me her “Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English”. She was right.

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I was not in a position...

I was not in a position (behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary) to learn English as a child. It was not officially widely allowed until I graduated from university.
You can see … how much harder to learn as an adult.
Now I work in Germany and struggle a lot with the German language, luckily I can use English.


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