Chrome browser built-in language translator


I just discovered that if you use the Chrome browser you can r-click on a non-english post to get an option to translate the page into English. Does this work for non-english users too?

Need for Translation

Yow! Nice find!

(I use exclamation points only rarely, and never more than one in a row.)



This meets my needs, but I doubt many people in China can use Chrome though. Can the Google translator plugin be used in this forum for those who don’t use Chrome?

Also I now notice that once activated, the Chrome translator automatically translates everything on this forum - whether I want it to or not. It’s a bit hyperactive.


Yeah, it sort of takes over, doesn’t it?. And it renders the inline quote function kind of loopy (took me four tries to capture that one). Combined with that Zoom Out icon thing I reported separately, my mouse has become like some wild thing.

I retract my exclamation points.



Thanks for taking the early adopter bullet, Gully.
I’ll pass on trying it and continue to copy/paste into Google Translate in a new browser tab.



The built-in translator has options. Don’t set it to always translate. And after reading a translated thread, click on the Show Original button that appears in the little pop-up.

I was able to turn off the translator by r-clicking a previously translated post. The pop-up window reappears and I ended the hyperactive forum-wide translating. This makes using the translator sorta similar to the one added to Google Groups.