Extensions in Foreign Languages

The recent Feng Shui topic got me thinking

A question for the SU Development team

Are extensions being developed in other languages ?

Is there a whole world of SU extensions in chinese / lao / thai / japanese etc

that we are not aware of ???

I obviously have too much free time today :slight_smile:

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I have seen some extensions in Chinese/Japanese. No idea what they were about, so I guess yes - there must be a whole world out there.

There are some extensions which are not developed in English at all. But that are rare. At least in Extension Warehouse and the forums I use. It might be that they confine themselves to other sites local to those languages.

Extensions localized in multiple languages is a hit and miss. I think we (SkethcUp) can do more to encourage localisation.

Recently I started using CrowdIn for translating my own extensions - and that made it much easier for people to offer translations. And they even offer their services for free for open source projects. If extension developers starting using this offer it could be easier to attract people to help with translations.

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Well, I use google translate for transferring Vietnamese docs in English –

not perfect by any means but enough to get the gist to follow up with a native speaker

and it seems to be getting better quickly

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