Need for Translation

Some of the posts are in languages other than English and it may be informative to understand and respond to them. The previous forum employed a translation engine (for lack of a better term) that allowed participants not fluent in a given language to react and engage in the discussion topic.

This feature is apparently not currently available in the latest forum format. The inclusion of this functionality would be desirable.

If you use the Chrome browser, then forum translation is available. See Chrome browser built-in language translator.

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Would be a good idea to discuss whether we can get this set up?

Thx for the reply. I do know of the translation protocol in Chrome. I typically use a different browser. I would guess that many other forum members use browsers other than Chrome also. Because Firefox is my preferred browser, it would be inconvenient, at best, to recreate the various saved websites in Chrome in order to take advantage of the translation feature.

I hope that you, Aerilius and the other SketchUp team members can set it up.

I agree with you, while Chrome, resp. Chromium are good browsers, there are also other good browsers that some people prefer. But in rare cases (ie. when a Google website only wants to be accessed in a Google browser), I just choose File → Create application shortcut and use Chromium only for that specific website.

I’ve requested a built-in translator as a desirable forum feature dating back to the first discussions about moving to a new forum home. .While a browser translator wasn’t what I expected, I still was pleasantly surprised. As the translator comes with my browser, it drops a language barrier to any site I my want to visit while using Chrome - not just this forum.

Other browsers should be checked for a similar feature. I stumbled upon the built-in Chrome translator after r-clicking on a non-English post. The option was in the context menu. Other browsers may have a 3rd-party extension if translation isn’t built-in. I don’t care to wait for others to do things and will work with the tools I got…