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Not sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes anyway.

Would it be helpful to have something on the SU Community Welcome page that has general advice about posts urging OPs to include files (SU/LO) that they are having problems with? So often people try to describe the problem in words or at best just include a screenshot. Sometimes English may not be their first language, making things even harder for most of those here who offer help.

It could go under the menu heading the page or be one of the semi-permanent posts that head the page.

It would save a lot of time if people posted their files more often from the get go.

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I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately it seems that most new folks who come here to ask questions don’t bother to read any of the information about using the forum as evidenced by repeatedly having to post instructions about uploading files and such. Somehow I don’t have much confidence that adding more to read will help.

You may be right. But even something simple like this might encourage better practice:

That might help. Make it big, bold, and red.

Now you’re talkin’!

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Comme ça?


Yeah. Like that.

OK, so how do we persuade Trimble to implement it?

I guess we’ll see if @Caroline takes a look. Maybe she can make it happen.

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It is not Trimble you need to persuade.
This forum is driven by the Discourse engine and hosted on their servers.

You can post a thread in the forums to promote this idea,
(but you need to create a forum account there, of course.)

@sam (pinging Sam Saffron, one of the Discourse devs.)

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This is doable in a theme component, would probably take a few hours to build if there were proper mockups, but as it is a custom feature I don’t see this going in Discourse core.

Oh well, that idea got blue pencilled pretty quick!

Thanks for the feedback! I can add it to the Welcome page, but as mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will read or follow that instruction. But I’ll also check with Discourse to see what’s possible.

Here’s another possibility if it’s easier to implement.





Will smiley’s work in the prototype text? If so, I suggest


so the second line looks like:
Upload your model or file if possible using the :outbox_tray: icon above.

Considering that most people don’t even read the bit that says Drag or Paste images. I think your optimism is …

Nope, it’s a simple text form.

Oh Twell - it didn’t hurt to ask!