Can't upload profile image



I have a 2.3 KB image that I am trying to load as my new profile image, yet I keep getting an error telling me that my picture is too large for the 5 KB limit. Any advice? This is the image.


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This appears to be more widespread. I just had an animated gif rejected as an upload to a post for the same >5KB restriction (it was 170 KB). I’ve loaded such animations many times before, so this is a recent change in the upload settings in Discourse.


same here, the forum is broken @sam or @jody who fixes these issues?


Here’s a smaller PNG…
How about that ?


I think there’s something wrong in general. I just tried to upload some screenshots in a post in another thread and got an error message indicating that the max file size is 5 Kb. That’s different than it has been in the past. Someone is screwing around with settings for the forum.


Yep, this is still screwed up.
I had to add a gif via photobucket as it wouldn’t accept a direct upload.


Ditto. I recently ran into the same prob.




I also am running into same problem just uploading an image.


Yea… it’s still doing it today. Hopefully they fix it soon. I am tired of being a light teal “B”. I find myself to be a much more cobalt “X” kind of guy.


Still not working.



I wouldn’t say that you’re not a light teal kind of guy – it’s just the wrong time of year, that’s all ;-).

I believe I need to bring in the big guns on this one: @sam – is there an image upload issue affecting just our forum or perhaps other Discourse forums? Many thanks!


Bump. Why is there no response from anyone with Discourse knowledge? Even a polite “we’re looking into it” would be better than total silence!


I agree. I encountered this problem a few days ago and considered waiting for the issue to be resolved. Something is very wrong if it takes this long to address these concerns.


even AlexB would have got it sorted quicker…

just sayin…


Glad to hear that. Alas, a private message to you doesn’t carry the message the way a public post here would have! C’mon Jody, you can do better!


Alas x2! With the kind and generous help from @zogstrip, the issue has been resolved.

Please resume your regularly schedule image uploading :wink:



We already did, but we didn’t bother to tell you.


Sorry I just picked up on this notification now, is it still an issue?


No worries, Sam. Thanks for checking in on this one. The issue has been resolved.