Uploading GIF's or .mov

Licecap used to work very well at making quick GIF’s to upload here, but lately they’ve failed to work well. Has something changed? Any guidance on upload limits or something I’m not understanding?

I think it is based on pixel dimensions…

to large and they become a click to gif still…


This is a Licecap GIF.

I made one which looks fine on my machine, but when I upload it, it comes out tiny.

Match Photo Exg 20200330

I have had that happen recently and had to resize with gifsicle to post here…


Is there some file size or pixel dimension limit we need to know?

That one was only 1080x720 pixels and no more than 5 seconds.

I always do licecap using a smallish window because long ago I hit forum limits on file size if I used larger. Maybe because of this I haven’t had the issues you described?

I normally resize my SU window to forum column width…

this happens when I don’t or the model has too many colors…

EDIT: the last one I converted was due to colours…

if you have gifsicle changing to 256 colors worked…

gifsicle --colors 256 /Users/johns_iMac/Documents/forum/shutter.gif -out /Users/johns_iMac/Documents/forum/shutter_256.gif


I don’t know why it would come out so small. Does mine look small to you?

The browser window is about 3/4 the width of my display and the window looks like this when I make a post or edit.

Yours looks fine, and I’ve uploaded ones before that were fine. I just opened Licecap and used settings that worked in the past.

Try doing one of a model with not textures or even colors. Does it show up any differently?

Interesting. That one has match photo in it.

drag\n\drop seams to allow 'larger sizes…


Well, I ran this through GIF Factory 3 and resaved it. Slightly smaller file size.

This one was inserted using the Upload button along the top row. Looks the same to me.


It didn’t make a difference for me.

Did you make a capture of something like a cube with no texture just being orbited?

dave if you click to expand the one I dragged it’s much larger pixel size than ones that have failed in the past…


Here’s a comparison of file info, one problematic, the other worked.

What does that tell us?