How about a few additional file formats?

As it stands currently, this Discourse forum cannot accept any type of video format other than gif files. Is it possible to include avi and/or mp4 file types as well? This would be desirable because a number of video editors and media file generators produce files in these formats and it allows for the possible inclusion of sound with uploaded video files.

But you have to keep in mind the usually much greater filesize for those other video formats…

You can already do this by uploading to youtube and linking here. And there are other services that can do this.
I can see people loading video files that then have to be downloaded to open just to ask a question.
It’s frustrating enough when people post images in PDF form.

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For the sake of Mac users who haven’t worked out exporting video to MPEG-4, can you add ‘mov’?

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Done! It has been added.

Wow! Ask and ye shall receive. Thank you for such rapid acquiescence.

Maybe there should be a defined limit to the file size of these additional types. I would imagine that such a limit exists now, as it does for the other allowable file types.

Can you clarify what size limits are (or will be) established for allowable file types?

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For the curious, check this out:

Missing attachment filetypes
(that SketchUp can import or export):

  • 3ds
  • bmp
  • dem
  • dds
  • epx
  • fbx
  • ifc
  • ifcZIP
  • obj
  • skb
  • tif / tiff
  • tga
  • wrl
  • xsi
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Files with those missing extensions could be zipped.


it kind of make sense that we can upload any of SU’s ‘supported’ file types as well as ones used to show usage [gif’s, etc. ]…

otherwise, it’s a bit like not being able to import, for example. a .skm into SU itself…


I had an unexpected experience in uploading a video file today. It was 21 MB, and when I uploaded it I was told that it exceeded the file size limit of 10 MB. So I compressed it at lower data rate and tried again. When I tried to upload the 6.9 MB file I was told it exceeded the 3 MB limit. I compressed again, at even lower data rate (started to lose quality by then), and the uploader allowed the 2.9 MB to be uploaded.

What is the real file size limit for MP4?

@jody, @Caroline

We are still missing these attachment types.

Another member needed (per my request) to attach an IFC exported model in another thread and could not, so gave up. viz: