Uploading Renderiing into Gallery


Hopefully, this is the right place for this. This is the jfirst time I uploaded a rendering here. After I clicked on the UPLOAD buttom. I got the prompt saying “uploading”. After that, when my “topic” re-appeared, I saw a long code ending in .jpg. I’m not sure the upload went through.
Gary Stanuillwich


This isn’t your first time. Look at how you did it here: City Bridge In New York Repeat that.


Dave R. :slight_smile:
For some reason, the upload isn’t going through. I don’t remember EXACTLY how I did it the last time. I notice on the upload dialog box, it says “From Device”. Maybe that’s the problem. I’m trying to upload from my computer. My rendering is a .jpeg. The size of the pic is 1622 x 687. Maybe it’s too big ? I’ll shrink it, and try uploading again.

Gary Stanullwich


Dave R. :slight_smile:
Sorry to bother you so much. This time it went through. Apparently, it was the file size. I shrunk it down.
Gary Stanullwich


There is a file size limitation, so that could have been the cause. Also, please refrain from putting a bunch of spaces before your posts. It causes formatting that makes it difficult to read.