Failed to Render on 3DWarehouse upload

Been trying to upload a new file to my content and also update a recent addition to my content page, and both in three browsers edge, vivaldi and chrome are getting “Failing to Render” message.
I have run CleanUp3 and both and everything was fine.
File sizes are 7.9 mb and 3mb, I 've uploaded 50 content over the years fine, even 2 weeks or less ago, although the last one took 3 attempts before it succeeded.

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When you click they both say failed to render, try to reupload

Are you still using 2017 Make as your profile indicates?

Yes, was working just checked 2 days ago, for a successfull upload.

I see the second on has rendered fine but not the first.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the discontinuation of 3D Warehouse support for SU2018 and earlier. It might be that @psaal would have some thoughts.

that would make sense if I had this happen near the beginning of Septmeber, but I have uploaded 5 content in the past 2 weeks alone, successfully.

OK weird, I just clicked the links I posted above and both seem to load in the windows fine, but on the content page they show failed to render, try to reupload. I can click the link and download both as well, but still get the failed to render message, and both downloads open fine.
Maybe just a render glitch for the display image on my content page.

I am having the same problem. I tried to upload a model this morning and I am getting a “Failed To Render” message.

BTW, I am using SU2020

I just tried another upload through the browser and again “Failed to Render” message, but if I click of the image placemat for this newly uploaded model, then on its page the download still works, and it opens fine once downloaded.
So there is definitely a problem server side for rendering the models, seeing as the downloads are fine.
Also benetodog, it’s nice to know it’s happening to newer versions of SketchUp as well, well OK NOT SO NICE :wink:

Me too!

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I keep getting the same message no matter how many times I reupload the same model. Why?

I know right? I hope the issue will get fixed soon.

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OK seems to be working now, albeit slower to render, took about 5 minutes per model.
I added a new model just to try the rendering problem that was apparent on the server, guess what, it worked, but slow to refresh the content page. So I reuploaded the other 3 models that failed to render, and sure enough it worked, but again very slow, one took about 8 minutes for the page to refresh and show the render.
I hope other have this success as well.

Que bom! Skalynuik. Eu não tive a mesma sorte que a sua, Eu faço o upload de um modelo mas não renderiza.

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