3D warehouse - Failed to render when uploading my file

Since yesterday (Nov 8, 2021) I uploaded my file dozens of times, still getting a message like this, “FAILED TO RENDER”. This never happened before when I updated my sketchup file, please fix it immediately, thank you.


Screenshot like this…

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There are other users with the same issue. The SU team are looking at it.


No need to double post.

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What is your problem if I post twice, however much is not in your interest. it just “FAILED TO RENDER” it hasn’t been resolved yet.

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Thanks @john_mcclenahan for the info. Will they stop SketchUp Make models from being uploaded?

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.04.16 AM

I doubt it. I just uploaded a model to the 3D Warehouse that is saved as a SU V3 file. It uploaded just fine. Didn’t render which I expected but interestingly it was converted to a V5 for download. There was no 3D Warehouse before SU5, though.