Need help on Projecting image on container shell



Hi all,
Is there anyway to work around this?
Now able to upload image. It said max 5KB.
The image I am trying to upload has only Uploading… 61KB.


See this tutorial by Aidan Chopra


Please wait until the “uploading” message goes away before clicking the reply button, otherwise all we see is the message! Geo is guessing based on your topic title.


Also, it helps if you try to describe your problem, in addition to whatever files you provide. When you say, “Is there anyway to work around this?” it isn’t a sure thing that we’re going to know what “this” is. Precise communication is essential if this forum is to work.



Thank you Geo. I had watched that video in the pass. I did learn a lot from the video, but it doesn’t solve my case.
New photo by Wai Chun Kwong

Still not able to upload IMG. Here is the link.
New photo by Wai Chun Kwong

5KB? How is that possible?

SKU file linkKCK-RC-IC-Colour and logo Testing-FV_2.skp (822.4 KB)


Yes it does. Since your sign (side of rail car?) is in a component, you must apply the texture from inside the component context. Do this:

  • Sample the projected texture with Alt-Bucket
  • Double-click to enter the context of the rail car
  • Hit Ctrl-A to select all in context
  • Click once on the selected rail car with the Bucket tool.



Hello Gully,

Thank you for giving me the guideline, but it still has the same outcome as previous.

It would be helpful if you upload a screen shot of your version.


Yeah. I was going to, but the site was not working right two days ago. It’s still acting flakey. See if this link does anything worthwhile:



You need to select the whole face for the projection to work correctly, or paint each facet individually.