New tile image feature to create gallery

Exciting forum update! I just added a feature that allows you to tile different images at once, creating a more of a gallery feel. The image uploader still works the same, but the new gallery button is now 8th from the left.

With the new gallery feature, you can now add images to look like this:


Interesting feature, Caroline. Could you make it the 8th button, though? There’s so many threads as well as the text in the message window telling users to use the Upload button, 7th from the left"


I’m digging around. It was just automatically placed there, and I’m not able to make changes to the nav bar. I’ll see if Discourse can swap them.


but we can already do a multi file select…

why have the extra button…


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New users usually can upload one image at a time. Will they be presented with the new nav-bar or the old one were the (one) upload image is still the 7th?

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Everyone should get the new nav bar. I’m working on seeing if Discourse can swap the two so that the upload button is still 7th from the left.


Valid question. I wonder, does using this option affect the size to which images are scaled in the post? Sometimes I take a relatively small screenshot and it shows enormous in the post due to my high-dpi display.

I think it’s just preferable in some instances to have a cluster of smaller images as opposed to a long list of big images…

That was my instant thought on reading this too. (at least it is an upload button of sorts)

By the way, you may need to refresh your page to see both the button and the cluster. I was only seeing a string of big images and no new button until I refreshed the page. Might be time to clear my cookies.

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I’ll be darned! Mine did that too.

@DaveR @Box: It’s now moved to the 8th from the left :slight_smile:


To paraphrase, or actually to quote directly, Mr Burns, Excellent!
You have to imagine the hand thing and the long drawn out consonants and a bit of Sibilance.

Edit: the was a period of several months of yogic equilibrium when the upload button was actually 7th from the left…or the right. My Chakras haven’t been the same since.

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Add images

Come to think of it, despite my jocularity, this isn't an easy thing to understand. When I click the button I get this, ![Cap1|550x180](upload://rMGDQ8lR46gpUIfLZMx6d2ig8L4.jpeg) and it's far less user friendly than the upload button. I'm still not sure what to do with it, but it is nearly 5am for me on the wrong side of sleep.

I see in the preview it isn’t going to work, but I’ll post as is and go to bed.

Nope, doesn’t work.

It’s certainly not the most user-friendly experience I’ve seen, but I don’t find it particularly difficult. You just drag and drop the photos you want to share, they tile, and then post. Did that not work for you?

this is a drag and drop test…

with the gallery…

google_clock_128x128_zip google_clock_128x128 google_clock

I get the nasty blue line and slightly smaller images…

without the gallery…

google_clock_128x128_zip google_clock_128x128 google_clock


png Candy%20Apple%20Chair

Ok, yes, drag and drop seems to work with various formats, but it’s not obvious from what appears when you hit the button. I’m old, I expected a browse button.
And I often don’t want to drag and drop.

Hmm… well I vote that we test it for awhile, see if it gets used, or if it just causes confusion. If it’s too messy we can take it off.

I’m not complaining, just giving feedback.

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Maybe it should say “drag and drop images” instead of just “Add multiple images”. It’s not clear at all.

How do you drag and drop on a smartphone, is that possible?