How to start a post

how do you start a post

What kind of a post? You mean a forum thread? If so, you just did.


I know I did but it took me 30 minutes exploring to find you just click a + button

but thanks for answering

You mean the New Topic button?

Screenshot - 12_21_2020 , 1_23_32 PM

The “New Topic” button is not present when viewing other posts and threads. Click the big SketchUp logo in the upper left to go to the forum home page the new topic button is in the upper right.

No it’s just a + sign

For me, it is a button with the text “New Topic” in it:

Hmmm, browser display issue. Try a different browser? Update your current? Clear the cache?

Are you looking at the forum on your phone?

Even the phone version says new topic.

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I am at the moment

Will pick up thread tomorrow when in office

Uk bedtime nearly and I have 20 men who need paying tomorrow unless Boris f… it any more

thanks all, especially endlessfix

I am also in the UK, also on a Mac using Safari. This is what I see:

  • New Topic top right.

If you make your web page be less than about 852 pixels across, you will see that the + New Topic changes to be just +


thank you

that was exactly my problem

a simple solution for a simple soul