If Someone Can See This Post -----

I was going to just wait…dunno if this will even post, but I noticed posts that have been made in the past hour - one just minutes ago. So obviously the problem doesn’t exist for everyone. Since the “New Topic” button works and the editor comes up… here goes.

For about the past hour, I’ve been able to navigate all over the board. However, if I clik on any thread, all I get is a blank page except for the 8 social media icons, the ‘Help’ icon and the ‘Blog’ icon in the upper right of the page.

I thought it may have been something with Firefox since today was the first time I logged into SketchUp Community since I allowed an update to my browser a few days ago. I also considered some of the ad blocking and tracking blockers I have running. However, I soon discovered that the same problem exists in MS Edge - I do not use Edge as my default browser, and do not have the ad and tracking extensions running on that browser like I do in Firefox. Then, just a few minutes ago, found that the problem also exists in Chrome and Firefox on my phone. I tried my phone after seeing several recent posts.

Since I cannot see any posts, perhaps someone can PM with an answer. I went into Messages just now, and for whatever reason, I can see them with no problem.


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Seemed to be site-wide, and the issues seem to have been resolved.

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WOW… :rofl: That was fast!!
Maybe I shoulda tried this post earlier. Thanks @LinearGraphs.

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