This Pages Control Buttons Design

I’ve just been typing out an observation elsewhere in this Discussions Forum & I was amazed by how long it took me to work out that the Blue Box with + Create Topic is the Invitation to Post our thoughts.
Would it not have been simpler, & just so much more obvious if this button were called + POST. Or maybe I’m just showing my stupidity, & ought to Shut Up. I’ll leave you to decide which, it is. Angus. Fordyce.

This is a post that I am writing now. A post can be written in any already created topic. Any given topic can have an unlimited number of posts in it from anyone who cares to contribute. A Topic is an entirely new discussion, the original person who creates the topic chooses the category it is in and the heading, as well as composing the content of the first post which frames the parameters of the discussion. This topic is correctly categorized in “meta”. These labels are imperfect and subject to misinterpretation, like all language, but this is their intended meaning in this context.
I don’t believe anyone here will think you are stupid for asking about or wanting to clarify how the Discourse Engine which hosts the SketchUp Community works (a third party software not designed by Trimble). Except in rare cases of excessive rudeness I have never seen anyone ask another user to Shut Up, in general this is a very civil and helpful community. …and now this Topic has two Posts.

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