Minimum 20 characters

Disable the minimum 20 characters forum rule!

(and 15 characters for titles!)



Can you elaborate to why you’d want this limit removed?
It’s a design that’s been deliberately implemented by Discourse to encourage more meaningful titles and posts. The Like button takes upon the role for the “+1” comment. (nudge Jeff :wink: )

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heh, to be honest, the only time i’ve been bit by it was when trying to make a joke post so discourse’s implementation has probably done it’s job regarding encouraging more meaningful posts… (or- discouraging silly posts… which can be viewed as a good thing… could also be view as discouraging community spirit(?) by not allowing the oneliners to happen… that said, the ratio of ‘good’ sub20 post to bad ones is pretty slim so i guess it’s fine to make a sweeping rule… really though, i don’t care either way…
fwiw, my +1 comment above was meant as one example of why (i imagine) the rule is in place.

Because I’m not able to write in english fast enough and sometimes questions are simple enough to be answered with a single “Yes.” or “No.”

Example: Google Sketchup 8 still free for commercial use? - #2 by Cotty

A “Yes, you can.” would have been enough answer for me.

Another example: An important option to a shortcut key is missing - #2 by Geo

Perhaps at a certain badge level the restriction could be lifted as by then it’s been established that the poster doesn’t need to be forced to say more than is necessary and understands how best to word a thread title.
Carsten is one of only 8 members with his badge so it’s a fairly exclusive group.