Better to revive old topic, or create new identical one?

This might be a dumb question; I hope not…

Let’s say I have a question. I start my new forum topic. I’m eight words into my post and the Your topic is similar to… notification pops up. Sure enough! somebody had the same question as me. I read through the question and all the answers, but one minor point still isn’t clear to me. I hit the reply button at the bottom to ask. Before I start typing I get this notification:

My question: is it better to continue the old conversation, or create an almost identical new one? The wording in the notification makes it sound like it’s a crime to revive the topic, but I’d rather not clutter the forum with almost identical posts.

What do the community behavior experts say?
[EDIT] Sorry, by behavior experts I don’t mean only people on the SketchUp team. I just mean any regular user who has strong opinions on how the forum is used.
Thanks for your time.

Ironically, i asked a similar question couple days ago, didn’t it give a notification about my post? :sweat_smile:
Here it is:

That is too much! :smile: No it never showed your post to me. Thanks, that answers my question.

An extensive discussion on the recently-introduced three-month active lifetime of forum topics has been on-going, which is in the spirit of this question.

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My personal opinion is that if it really is the same subject the existing thread should be continued, even if its old. That way there are less threads discussing the same thing and if there are news on the subject (e.g. a bug is fixed) it will be in the same thread.

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I agree to a degree, but the longer the thread the less likely I am to read a new post to it.

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I would perhaps use the “reply in a linked topic” function.


Thank you all for your input.

I think that would make it more confusing. If it’s enough related to be created with a link I don’t see why it doesn’t fit directly in that thread. I think that feature is meant to be used to prune off topic discussions into new threads.

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What it actually does is, ask the related question without any context (just a link to the context.)

So most readers will need to choose to ignore the new topic, or go to the linked topic and read first (or refresh their memory.)

On the one hand, it takes the related question out of it’s context, and on the other hand allows the new related question to enjoy a solution “mark” of it’s own (separate from the original thread’s question.)

I really think Discourse needs a use profile settings that allows users to individually set a time limit (or none) to suppress old thread notices, … rather than heavy-handedly enforce someone’s preference(s) on everyone.

Is it so important?
Ask questions, get answers.
That is what a forum is all about.
Try to follow the rules but…if you are new to forums how can you.
Just answer people’s questions and point them in the right direction if they have gone wrong.

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