Ridiculously large blue box around component from 3D Warehouse

I’m designing a planter wall to hide our trash cans. It needs to be mobile so I downloaded a locking caster component from 3D Warehouse. When I select it, the blue box surrounding the component is just crazy big.

It probably won’t hurt anything, but I want to understand what causes it and what options I have if I want to make it smaller.

Thanks for any help.

Very likely there’s some small bit of geometry near the diagonally opposed corner of the bounding box. Turn on Hidden Geometry and all layer visibility. Open the component for editing and drag a right to left selection box around that region of the bounding box. Then hit Delete.

If you identify exactly which component it is that you downloaded, it’ll be possible for us to have a look at it.

Thanks for the reply DaveR.

This is the component I downloaded.

There are 30 short edges with a total length of about 5/8 in. out near the corner of the bounding box.

Hitting Delete gets rid of them.
Screenshot - 8_10_2020 , 2_43_42 PM

Awesome. Thanks a lot DaveR.

Not sure I would ever have caught that one.

Unfortunately that sort of thing isn’t terribly uncommon. Before you shared the caster you were using, I looked at two others in the Warehouse and found they also had hidden stuff. In both cases it was some dimensions that had a hidden layer associated with them.

I seem to remember an earlier thread where someone had problems with another caster component that was ridiculously overdetailed and the wrong scale to boot. Looking at yours, too, makes me guess that when you put four of those into your model, about 97% of all the geometry in your wall will be in those 4 small wheels…

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Well, I’m very glad you knew about that DaveR and showed me. Had me stumped!

I notice your name a lot on here. You’ve been using SketchUp a long time?


I’m still learning so I’m not familiar with the right terminology. What do you mean by “all the geometry”?

“Geometry” is forum slang for faces and edges. SketchUp models basically consist of these two object types that can be combined to form groups and components.

Since 2003. So not that long.

“Not that long” HA. That’s a couple of lifetimes in software years

I guess I have seen a lot of changes and improvements over the years.